Australia's Most Recognised Cookware Brand Spanning 4 Generations of Homecooked Meals

The secret ingredient in Australian kitchens for over 60 years, Bessemer® is Australia’s best-loved iconic cookware brand.

Bessemer®’s tradition of quality and innovation has enhanced the capabilities and versatility of its range. The experience of cooking with Bessemer® is both unique and special, the legacy of such a much-loved brand, passed on through generations of cooks.

The interior non-stick coating is European-sourced and provides the Bessemer® mess-free cooking experience. Food definitely tastes better with Bessemer®.

Bessemer® is an Australian owned company, that has been part of your family meal time since 1961

Bessemer® has been built over 4 generations of families in Australia. We have retained our unique design over the years, with constant Research and Development inclusions, such as the new technology which is evident in the superior European interior and exterior coatings.